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Every day your plant generates a huge amount of data, which is visualized by the DCS systems and possibly stored in a dedicated machine. However, due to lack of resources, most of the time only the most prominent values and changes are really analysed.

CaRES (Casale Remote Engineering Services) is an innovative product which enhances the value of your plant operating data .

By using the most sophisticated numerical techniques and Casale’s unique simulation models, Casale engineers will be able to build sophisticated performance indicators and deeply analyze your plant performance.

You will get operational suggestions, to improve your plant performance, stabilize operations and reduce downtime

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Casale Cares FEATURES

A simple yet powerful service

Customized for you

Every plant is different and every customer has special needs. That is why Casale’s expertise and knowledge of the plant is fundamentally important in the analysis of your data. We will discuss your unique targets and offer a customized service

Secure data transfer

Casale acknowledges that plant data is very precious, so the greatest importance is given to security of the data transfer between your plant and Casale Data Center. Our digital team is very flexible and will discuss with you the best possible strategy to automatically and safely receive data from your plant.

Powerful algorithms

Casale is continuously developing the most advanced algorithms to process your plant data. We believe in the combination of first-principle proprietary thermodynamic & kinetic models with the state-of-the-art AI techniques

Advice from the experts

Beside the algorithms, Casale process engineers will watch your plant performance. They have the expertise understand trends in your plant’s performance and will spot sub-optimal operation at once, giving operational suggestions and raising alerts

Proactive maintenance

Plant data will be monitored to generate alerts for anomalous equipment status. This is what we call proactive maintenance, the perfect way to prevent failures and costly downtime.

Dashboard and reports

A web-based weekly dashboard lets you securely access, anytime, anywhere the performance indicators and the plant health status. In addition to the dashboard, Casale will provide quarterly-based detailed reports


Enrich your plant data


Get a clear insight of your plant data

Why should you bother about data scientists and models? Let Casale engineering team do the hard work for you, and get back simple indications about your plant status and how to improve your plant performance

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